Drug Crime Defense attorney


Drug charges can impact your freedom, where you live, your driver’s license, school loans, or where you can be employed.  It is critical to retain a criminal defense attorney that knows the ins and outs of the system.  If you’ve been arrested for a drug offense, Jacksonville, Florida drug crime defense attorneys at Reinhold Law Firm can help. Our attorneys’ experiences, which include law enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office, supply a vast array of knowledge of the entire legal system and the procedure that your case will go through as it travels through the criminal justice system.


The charges relating to drug possession or sales can be affected by the amount of the controlled substance or even the location of the drugs at the time they were allegedly possessed or sold.  Prior arrests for related offenses can also impact the severity with which your case may be prosecuted by the State.

Our drug defense attorneys in Jacksonville will challenge the evidence that is presented against the offender, see if legal errors were made in procedure, and negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf.

As a qualified member of the Florida State Bar with extensive trial experience, we have the experience to defend you properly. If you don’t want drug charges to ruin your life, then you need to hire Reinhold Law Firm.


Reinhold Law Firm puts all of our resources into each case.  We know that if you want results, you need a criminal defense team to handle every detail of your case. Call us right away to speak with our criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville.

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